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Skarlett Riot release new single ‘Voices’ April 2nd

Skarlett Riot release new single ‘Voices’ April 2nd


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Acclaimed UK modern rock quartet Skarlett Riot release their anthemic new single ‘Voices’ on April 2nd

Taken from the ‘Sentience’ EP, ‘Voices’ is a slice of hugely melodic modern rock, blessed with a stadium sized hook and showcasing the always exceptional vocals of front woman Skarlett. ‘Sentience’ is released May 2nd.

The new EP ‘Sentience’ sees the band exploring a darker, heavier sound than before without losing any of their signature trademarks.

With the commanding presence of Skarlett at the helm, her powerful and incredibly versatile voice defines Skarlett Riot’s sound and ensures they remain a cut above the rest.

Musically the band are exploring a heavier avenue than before; taut guitar lines bolstered by clattering drums but all the while remembering the hooks and melodies that seen this band grow into one of the UK’s finest young bands.

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