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Death Blooms – Death Blooms (EP) – Release: 12 May 2017


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Hot new UK alt-metal act to release self-titled debut EP this May
Introducing Death Blooms:
. As seen live with: Skindred, DOPE, Raging Speedhorn, Anti-Clone
. “Don’t blame us when you headbang your way into oblivion!” – Rock Sound Magazine (“On The Radar”)
Death Blooms are a new alternative metal quartet from Manchester and Liverpool. Armed with confidence, plenty of skills, social awareness and angst bubbling under the surface, their sound is both frenetic and infectious; seamlessly combining hardcore vocals with bullet proof guitar riffs, bouncing grooves and oozing an abundance of modern melodic audio sonics.
The group’s four track debut EP is short, sharp, pointy and for modern metal fans, probably one of the best things to be released by an underground band in 2017.
From the anthemic unification of ‘Last Ones’ to the brutal but essential listening ‘I’m Dead’, Death Blooms have a cannon of ammo on this EP and are bearing their teeth, ready to tackle issues affecting not just the metal community but also our way of life.
Vocalist Paul Barrow explains, “Lyrically, the EP has ended up on the darker side of things. It wasn’t done intentionally, but it’s how it came out. I think without realising it, we produced a lot of honest songs. I think that’s stemmed from the frustrations we’ve all had in the past; mainly from forgetting to do the things that we’re happiest in. The songs undoubtedly deal with the struggle of mental health, but I think they also tackle the subject of contentedness, or lack of, in every day life. This is probably the most clear in ‘Last Ones’, which is basically about knowing who you need to stick with and realising that it’s you against the world.”
Recorded at Red City Recordings, Manchester by producer and mix engineer David Radahd-Jones, Death Blooms self-titled debut ep is released 12th May 2017.

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