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CRAZY LIXX – ‘Ruff Justice’ – Out 21-04-17

CRAZY LIXX – ‘Ruff Justice’ – Out 21-04-17


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CRAZY LIXX – ‘Ruff Justice’

Crazy Lixx celebrate their 15th anniversary as a band with the release of their fifth studio album. 

‘Ruff Justice’ is a sleaze metal gem that harks back to not only 80’s music but also horror and action 

flicks of the era. With its big choruses, memorable hooks and riffs, impressive guitar solos and a 

massive production by vocalist Danny Rexon and Chris Laney, the album is sure to resonate with 

old fans and new listeners alike. “We’ve tried the ‘all killers-no fillers’ approach that we’ve gone for on 

our previous albums, but this time, more than ever, I think we’ve come close to that vision,” says Rexon. 

‘Ruff Justice’ is the first Crazy Lixx album to feature the new twin  guitar attack of Chrisse Olsson and 

Jens Lundgren. “It does bring a certain feel to the album that I think we’ve been missing since the days

of ‘New Religion’ [2010]. If I were to compare this new record to any of our previous albums, that would

have to be the one,” concludes Rexon. ‘Ruff Justice’ includes two songs that appear on the brand new

‘Friday The 13th: The Game’ video game soundtrack for Xbox and PlayStation.

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