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The Toi – founded in 2011 are here with their exciting debut album that will tenderise your eardrums and turn – ‘Water Into Wine’

Kicking things off nicely with ‘Get On It’; such a catchy, melodic tune with great harmonies in the opening lines of the song. This tune instantly reminded me of Thin Lizzy. Paul Healy and Connor Williamson’s guitar playing are loaded with distinct riffs. Leading into what sounds like a Slash/Guns N’ Roses inspired solo? Either way it gives you that blast in the ears you’ve been waiting for!

This next song is literally about to ‘Come Alive’. The intro is interesting and intrigues you straight away with its heavily distorted, simple yet intricate picking pattern, which sounds almost like it’s going to turn into ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ by Guns N’ Roses and is closely followed by Paul Healy’s gritty vocals that is accompanied by Stevie McLay’s awesome drumming. The solo comes in over half way through, very unique and will most definitely have you on your knees holding that imaginary iconic flying V you always wanted as a kid. Despite Eddie Van Halen and Slash being on two completely different sides of the spectrum, I hear a lot of their influence during this solo.

The band breaks with a refreshing change now; The Toi’s third track – ‘I’m Still Crying’, is low tempo compared to their two prior tracks. Opening with heavenly sounding guitar strumming then picking the tempo back up again for the pre-chorus and then chorus. Great, heartfelt lyrics which will have you singing along in no time!

The Toi definitely isn’t guitar-solo shy. For me, the solos are the highlights in each song, which are all so unique and brilliant. Noticeably heavier than most of their songs so far, showing off their diverse and unique talent thus proving that they can do just about anything, ‘Till The Morning Comes’ might have you misplacing a couple of the vertebrae’s in your neck when you begin to head bang to this one. Andy Carr and Paul Healy’s vocals on this track are absolutely spot-on, and the natural grit of both of their voices is produced fantastically, not too much nor too little.

Slowing down again for ‘The One’, but not for long as you will notice. They don’t like us sitting still for too long with our lighters in the air and have us on our feet, dancing and singing once again. Andy Carr’s deep bass compliments the singing and guitar playing so well. Stevie McLay’s intricate drumming pattern throughout this song is something to listen out for!

Up next is ‘Staring At The Sun’- A mid tempo rocker with a great outro that you can just imagine them dragging out onto the stage in an arena. Their outros are just as catchy and as great as their intros and choruses. It’s a shame this album has to come to an end!

A bluesy bass lick will probably be the first thing you notice on the next track ‘I Think About You’, courtesy of Mr. Carr and accompanied by the stylish drumming skills of Stevie aka Dog. The metallic sounding echoes that come from his drums are very different this time and just add so much more atmosphere and feel to this song; not to mention the great harmonies towards the end.

An interesting change up now with their self titled track; is the intro AC/DC’s hells bells? No, it’s The Toi’s “Water Into Wine” of course! Paul’s voice reaches some great high notes on this track, which just shows not just his diverse talent but the rest of the band too. Heavily distorted guitar licks heard throughout and not to mention Andy’s minute bass solo at the end!

Definitely one of their slowest songs, ‘Cold In The Night’ with its euphoric guitar intro. The song itself sounds very similar to Journey, vocally and melody wise.

This is the way to bring things to a close, ‘Down By The River’. This opens up with a Blues style drumming pattern and guitar strumming with a great combination of overpowering bass at certain points. Once again their harmonies are pitch-perfect and both of their vocal ranges are very impressive and have surprised me from track to track.

The Toi‘s debut album ‘Water Into Wine’- is simply – a masterpiece; Showing off a broad range of talent from all four members in different styles of rock. I didn’t think it was possible to sound like so many different bands but yet sound so uniquely diverse at the same time. Did you? Then you haven’t listened to this! Fantastic band! Great songs! Brilliant album!


Words by Tomm



Track list

Get On It

Come Alive

I’m Still Crying

Till The Morning Comes

The One

Staring At The Sun

I Think About You

Water Into Wine

Cold In The Night

Down By The River