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Straight Line Stitch is an aggressive and diverse female-fronted metal warzone, with a true road warrior approach to touring. They have been evolving and gaining momentum since 2000, with singer Alexis Brown (voted by Kerrang magazine as one of the top 50 greatest rock stars) joining them in 2003. Their sound is hard hitting rock/metal, with highly charged hooks and menacing riffs. The latest EP, ‘Transparency’, has all the attitude and magnetism of its predecessors, keeping their loyal fan base front and centre. It seems that their prime objective is to break bones and snap neck muscles, with the intent of ‘Actual Bodily Harm’ from this latest dynamic and ferocious offering.


Transparency is introduced with a beautiful, tension building piano piece, that is both palatable and captivating in ‘Out Of the Shaddows’. Following this moment of tranquillity however, the gates of hell are opened, and a guttural, beast of a roar is ripping you a new face in ‘Dark Matter’, as mixed paced chugging guitars, are merged with Alexis’ weaving screams and angelic tones for the entirety of the track.


‘Out Of Body’ has a military styled drum beckoning in the background; this is an altogether more chilled out track, where we get to hear Alexis exercise her amazing singing voice, which is ultimately strengthened by a superb shredding  guitar and a deep booming bass. I would consider ‘Face Of God’ and ‘Wilderness’ to be the stand out tracks on this EP though, because they are indeed hard core mosh fests, and it’s no wonder that they hit the iTunes chart at No 6. Totally true to form, heavy weight belters, that shoot straight from the hip. Intelligent writing and composition with no sign of letting you come up for air.


‘Transparency’ ends with a rampage of brutal proportions, but an inspirational message in, ‘Human Bondage’, which is the first single and video off the EP, “Human bondage is about being weighed down by guilt, wanting forgiveness, & learning to ultimately let go, “ explains SLS front woman Alexis Brown, “I want to encourage and inspire people, to let them know to never lose hope. If we got through it, so can you”.


Straight Line Stitch performs every song on this EP with razor sharp precision and passion, whether you are a fan or a new comer, this record is for fans of every type of metal, but be well warned, and prepared for some nuclear brain damage.


Words by Brenda


Track Listing

1. Out Of The Shaddows

2. Dark Matter

3. Out Of Body

4. Face Of God

5. Wilderness

6. Human Bondage