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I am speechless and dumbfounded that these Bromley Based Brain Bashers are mere 2 year old toddlers! It was definitely no stork that delivered these monsters of mayhem from a heavy metal/hard rock haven in 2013, so I’m guessing, a Pteranodon?

Every song is like a whole album on its own, with a variety of exploding and ingenious riffs, epic and memorable vocal changes. You can almost chew on this full flavoured debut deliverance like a mouthful of toffees!

‘Faceless Ghost’ goes straight for the jugular with diamond edged clean cut riffs, ear pounding bass and drums in unison;  hell bent on destroying your soul, leaving you feeling like you have just survived a train wreck. Vocalist Jason Smith is taking no prisoners in ‘Devil’s Motion’, its just murder, death, kill or run!  That was it for me, hooked! ‘All they need is the Light’ is driven, swingy and sexy all at the same time. You just want to give in and throw yourself into hell fire itself and dance with the demons!

The seven minute long epic and repetitive tone of ‘Second to Breathe’ will carry you away and quite literally give you  a second to breathe before the powerful rumblings of ‘The Sound Remains’ comes belting at you with guitar riffs from Andrew Mathews clambering to gain control of your senses and winning. This is true heavy pedal metal; do not get behind the wheel of a vehicle while listening to this fast and furious offering.

The stand out track for me was ‘Sleeper’; brutal, emotional, turbulent, enchanting and mesmerizing. NUFF SAID!

Bombarding blasts of excellence from drummer Chris Finniss backed up by bassist Jamie Nash in ‘Your Trigger, My Finger’ will have you snapping your neck muscles interrupting the blood flow to your brain.  ‘Third Degree’ is just so beautifully catchy and well written that it is my joint second favourite along with ‘Let Sleeping Beasts Lie’. This is quite simply, tunage! And yes I yelled that, out loud. The solo and the vocals on this song nearly had me in tears, I just loved it so much. ‘New Age of Old Ways’ ends with a bonus track of screeching masterpiece proportions ,that sounds like not only did Satan write the damn thing but he also sang it himself. I most definitely would have to be stretchered away at the end of a live show from STONEGHOST, in several small bags I expect. I cannot wait to see this band propelled to the top, where they most certainly belong and I will definitely be keeping an eye on their progress and eagerly await tour dates! (BELFAST! Guys ya hear?)

‘New Age Old Ways’ is an album that is full flavoured and wraps you up contently in the knowledge that you have been completely served the whole 10 courses. After listening to this record (over and over many times) I would absolutely and gladly sacrifice a virgin to see these monsters invade a stage and witness blue bloody carnage as mere mortals are ripped to shreds by the searing glinting ferocity of the spectacle before them. I usually try to write my reviews while I’m listening to the actual album, in this case however that was impossible as I was too damned distracted. I just wanted to mosh my living room into the middle of next year.

Words by Brenda


Track Listing

Faceless Ghost

Devil’s Motion

All They Need Is the Light

Second to Breathe

The Sound Remains



Your Trigger, My Finger

Third Degree

Let Sleeping Beasts Lie

Bonus Track

Mother of All Bastards