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The Belfast based heavyweights, ‘Sinocence’, pulled no punches with their second delivery from the trilogy ‘No Gods No Masters Vol II’ EP, with an in your face approach of clever writing, catchy neck breaking riffs and melodious vocals.

This 4 piece are no strangers to delivering the goods with a copious amount of support slots carved into their bedposts including; Machine head, BFMV, In Flames, Therapy, Lacuna Coil, Soil, Stained, W.A.S.P, Paul Di Anno, Blaze Bailey and Soulfly. Sinocence have also played at UK festivals Bloodstock and Hammerfest.

Ascension Code’ kicks in riveting through the guts like a jack hammer with chunky bass and catchy riffs. This bombardment continues until a clever chorus eases you into a melodic sing along false sense of security by vocalist Moro, only to be rudely dragged back in by bassist Jim for a head banging session once again. Anto then delivers a sweet toned and almost regal solo until Davy enters pricking up the ears with the roll played on snare and the emphasis/stabs played on kick drums.   It is virtually impossible to stay still while this tune is playing, I dare you to try.

In Kymatica’. Attention seeking vocals accompanied by a chuggy bass always leaves me wanting to throw myself into the middle of a mosh pit. This song could definitely give Poets Of The Fall a run for their money. Excellent overlays from guitar keep the interest flowing as it falls in and out of the chugginess that i love and feel in the pits of my stomach. This song could be a major contender for a radio hit. Then there’s a break with an interesting collaboration of vocals that pave the way for Anto once again to clear the air with a sweet assed solo to finish.

‘Slavery By Consent’ resonant and intense this third track is delivered in mixed pace raising the heart beat so that the pulsating of your veins becomes addictive as it screams at you; “play me loud”! Hell this one is total tunage in my opinion, and just when you expect to burst you notice a passionate plea escape within the well written lyrics, “I’m self destructing, forged in fire, silence crushing, a life lost in misery”. This is followed by the beckoning of deep chugging bass into head banger heaven with the irresistible slow windmill. In case I haven’t mentioned it already, I love this track.

‘Valorous’ A sensuous set of strings emulates a little bit of heartfelt sadness when this tune begins. However don’t get too comfortable as crunchy vocals break in and shake you up and once again we’re back in, with full on in your face, Sinocence mode. Then as if the whole band just decides to storm the depths of your stomach the strong deep and heavy sound escalates into a frenzy of riff feeding backed up by thunderous drums and bass. After all that you are gently laid back down to rest with the strings.         

‘Covert Messiah’ starts off with a voluptuous opening riff that captures your attention and is joined by the haunting vocals of Moro reminiscent of James Maynard Keenan when he was in  A.P.C. Beautifully executed drum beats keeps the toes warm as they dust the floor.  Definitely not one for the moshers but still has a metallic gentleness to send the butterflies crazy in the midriff eclipsing the listener in a confinement of quality sound.

The production of Frankie McClay is an unmistakable work of sheer brilliance from beginning to end and totally justifies this 4 piece into the headlining slot where they belong.


Words by Brenda