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RESIN – ‘Persecution Complex’ Review

RESIN – ‘Persecution Complex’ Review

Get ready to be rocked out by Resin. Their latest EP will utterly rock the socks off you in preparation for a forthcoming album, in the not too distance future. ‘Persecution Complex’ is an excellent mixture of grunge, heavy and hard rock in which you can almost feel these guys flex their muscles as they warm up, for what could very well be the album of the year for me. But even with such dominating influences the Leicester lads have somehow uniquely crafted their own spin on a sound that lovers of  Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Creed and Alice in chains will not only recognise, but will embrace as a band to be reckoned with.

‘Persecution Complex’ is a 2015 version of these four sounds crammed into one engine and cranked into fifth gear for a richer, smoother and altogether more exciting ride, with festivals like ‘Bloodstock, tucked nicely under their belts which have beckoned their presence, not once, but twice so far.

Drop back the sun roof, flick on your shades, kick back and lets hit the throttle with ‘Angel’, the first single and video off the EP. This song is lyrically beautiful, with a balladesque start and deep sludgy verse that encourages a sing along, or in my case, a hum along. Strong hints of ‘Scott Stapp’ vocals are evident and there’s a nice chug to the guitars and bass throughout. The solo has a mean sliding vibrato to it which is dealt with feelings; a beautiful song that will get stuck in your head. I promise.

‘Open Heart Trauma’ has an intro that twangs its way into a catchy, whammy styled riff with soaring raspy vocals in the chorus. Nice interlude that lets you breathe as percussion and vocal harmonies bridge an almost 70s sounding solo. The excellent musicianship is superbly skilful and has that, ‘I need to hear that again’ factor.

The three track EP closes with ‘Printing Money’, this little number just hits you with swingy and seductive tones and an underlying writhing of sound. The vocals are appealing and delivered with stronger, sexier passion with that ‘Eddy Vadar’ influence I spoke of earlier really lifting this track to new heights. I have to say that ‘Printing Money’ is probably my standout track, although all three are truly worth your time and effort and will capture your soul.

Resin is absolutely flooring it with this latest EP, and so the passion and work that has gone into this body of work is unmistakable. A new line up this year seems to have developed a formidable energy that is screaming loud and clear, “We are here” and an already solid fan base will lay testament to that.

Words by Brenda

Track Listing


Open Heart Trauma

Printing Money