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The third studio offering ‘Welcome to the World’ from Lancaster’s finest, is a real natural progression and a step up from their ‘Fire it Up’ debut and ‘Fight the System’ albums, both great in their own right.


The album opens with the crunchy heavy riffs of ‘Nails’ a gang chanting track that rocks as heavy as anything they have done, with the underlying melody still shining through on the chorus.

First single from the album ‘Tokyo’ which has the accompanying video, has the great line of “they won’t play us on the radio” a statement if I ever heard one of the current X Factor obsessed mainstream radio stations, well, there is even a radio friendly version available, so no excuses radio execs, get it played.

Title track ‘Welcome to the World’ chugs along with Barry Mills’ unique vocals “your filthy green eyes” loving the word play here. There is a real heavy riff moment near the end of this track so don’t skip it.

My favourite on the album, and I hear is a favourite of the bands too is ‘Ratio’ a track which is the modern heavy rock equivalent of Alanis Morresette’s ‘Ironic’ You’ll get what I mean by the lyrics “I spent most of my life making my house look nice, It set on fire” “I got a job on the roads, filling in the holes, and got run over” Ironic with a heavy groove I tell you!  The great chorus line of “we’ll go to a place where the beer is cheap, the craic is good, and the jukebox is free” I for one can relate to that with an old local I used to frequent. Should I go as far as saying this is my favourite track of the year? Damn right I will.

‘Shit Sweat Death’ is an almost hillbilly romp with the rolling drum beat and country sound but with metalized guitars and speed verses.

‘The Day We Fell’ lulls you into a false calm with a nice opening. Then in true Massive Wagons style it kicks you square in the family jewels.

The twin guitars and heavy groove of the backline are at the forefront of ‘Fighting Jack’ with Mills’ big anthem of a vocal (trust me he doesn’t sing any other way than a big 120%) a track sounding like it was born straight from the riffage of the mighty AC/DC.

On ‘Jodie’ the Wagons are storytelling again, I love their simple story telling lyrical style, whether it’s a love story, a tale about just hanging with mates or a rant on what’s wrong with the world, everyday life stuff we can all relate to, that is their working class genius.

‘Aeroplane’ is the slower tempo ballad that showcases Mills’ (award winning no less) vocals. But don’t worry anti balladeers this still has the big riffs and snare to fist pump to.

‘Fee Fi Fo Fum’ “I smell the blood of an English rock n roll band” closes the album with a fun rock n roll romp which sums up what the Wagons are all about.


‘Welcome to the World’ is a fun rock album full of working class story telling. Massive in name. Massive in nature. The Wagons are a rolling and they are becoming an impossible force to halt.


Words by Darren Thompson


Track List: 

1. Nails

2. Tokyo

3. Welcome To The World

4. Ratio

5. Shit Sweat Death

6. The Day We Fell

7. Fighting Jack

8. Jodie

9. Aeroplane

10. Fee Fi Fo Fum


Massive Wagons are:

Barry Mills – vocals

Adam Thistlethwaite – Guitars

Carl Cochrane – Guitars

Bowz Bouskill – Bass

Alex Thistlethwaite- Drums