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Holy crap, once the murderous microbes of this album get under your skin and into your blood stream, no amount of defending white blood cells will be able to save you. LOST SOCIETY is a venomous vendetta of all things thrash! You won’t own a terrific album, oh no, IT will own you!

‘Braindead’ is the third release from Finnish thrashers, LOST SOCIETY who sound like they chugged on the breast of an evil Goddess and were weaned on brutality. Production of this album is superb as Nino Laurenne works his magic once again as he has done on the previous highly acclaimed two albums, ‘Fast Loud Death’ and ‘Terror Hungry’.

Having witnessed firsthand what this destructive quartet can do to a stage and an audience, I am about to bully you into listening to this album now, because I feel it is my sheer duty to spread the word far and wide of what the mighty LOST SOCIETY are doing for thrash metal.

First track on the album is ‘I Am The Antidote’, please go check this one out on You Tube as the video for this will have you drooling and begging for more within the first very first taunting minutes. A hypnotic, infectious riff that has a youthful and fresh resonance to it, but still maturely polished; this is definitely my favourite tune on the album; the damn thing welds itself to your eardrums! Mind blowing solo work from Samy Elbana could leave the mightiest and hardened thrasher scraping the floor with his jaw.

Tortured vocals scream the face of you from the starting line on ‘Riot’. This one is a bass lined heavy hunk of cement from Mirko, which actually does what it says on the tin, it is plain and simple, a riot! Heaps of insanely hard hitting drum blasts from ‘Ossi’ make me wonder how many sticks he must go through on a daily basis. ‘Mad Torture’ has to be heard to be believed. I don’t exactly know how to put this in a lady like manner, so I’ll just be blunt – holy fucking hell what a God Damn vicious little bitch of a song this is. Almost mad punk fast at times, I defy any well seasoned head banger to go at it for the whole of this song.

My very close second favourite and definitely a standout track on ‘Braindead’ is the beautifully crafted ‘Overkill’ sounding riff and beat of ‘Hollow Eyes’. Oh My God what a tight bunch of superbly talented lads LOST SOCIETY is, with Samy and Artu absolutely nailing this riff to the souls of the damned. I can only imagine grotesque flayed fingers at the end of this track. The likes of Anthrax, Exodus and Testament are masters in the art of thrash and that goes without saying or any argument from me. However, one listen of this album is all you will need to get chills up and down your spine and a sly grin, (that’s definitely from me) as the future doesn’t only seem bright for thrash, but the likes of these young lads from LOST SOCIETY are blooming intent on reinventing it. The older guys better up their game and hold tight to their shirt tails, because these youngsters are running a fast and ferocious race.

‘Rage Me Up’ and ‘Hangover Activator’ are mosh pit neck snappers! Crushing feasts of terror but well constructed songs, with mini breathers followed by whopping great solos that Slayer should be jealous of. We get to breathe a little more as the opening bars of ‘Only’ (My Death Is Certain) kicks in with a Metallica-esque riff. The sheer talent and musicianship of the guys seems to know no bounds at all, this song could rip most of today’s thrash bands clean off the planet. Such a thunderous sound, this needs to be played loud and I do mean LOUD! I’m still sitting here in shock at the mere fact that I am listening to guys who are all younger than my own kids. It is abundantly clear that they have sat down and taken onboard all their own personal influences, and worked hard to create this original and very cleverly put together – hell let loose beast of an album. Ending the album with a wonderful lighter sounding but still a head banging crazy offering is ‘P.S.T.88’

Like I said at the beginning, once you listen to this album it will become your addiction, and one that you definitely don’t need to feel guilty about and what the ‘Repeat’ button is used for. ‘Braindead’ blew me away and smashed my bones as I tumbled. If like me you are just a thrasher at heart, I kid you not, this is the album for you.  LOST SOCIETY will soon be in control of the reigns of thrash as this immense collection of beautiful but brutal tracks have proven, to me anyway. Go on, treat yourself to some ‘Braindead’, it will be money well spent!