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They’re young, new and exciting; they’re alternative metal with progressive influences; they’re Italian! need I say anymore? Yes please! I’ll be having some of that! At first listen this band caused all my metallic juices to flow uncontrollably.  Italian metal band Klogr are storming stages once again with their follow up to the highly acclaimed ‘Black Snow’, which was released in 2014, with a new 3 song EP/live DVD, ‘Make Your Stand’ which includes the 4 songs from ‘Black Snow’.

Music is built from assimilating old styles and techniques (or even current). So resisting a somewhat seamless blend of Five Finger Death Punch, Alterbridge and A Perfect Circle is pretty darn futile if you ask me. Klogr have bulldozed their way into the metal world with this awe inspiring offering; ‘Make Your Stand’ does just what it says on the tin and more, making my job as a rock journalist evermore exciting as hell. Gosh I love my job!

The charismatic and blistering entrance of ‘Breaking Down’ has dotted the, I’s and crossed the T’s, of every metal heads perfect formula for that great tune. This one fills the veins with enough electricity to ensure that you could apply to be in the next ‘X Men’ movie. It’s an exciting high voltage mix of clean vocals and harmonies, breaking effortlessly into screeching growls from ‘Rusty’. Speed riffing, thunderous drums and rhythm, clean, chunky bass hooks and a dreamily haunting solo from ‘Pietro’.  I am serious when I say that you are missing out if you don’t get your sweaty paws on their stuff in the very near future.

Title of record ‘Make Your Stand’ has that fast paced, heart pumping explosion going on in your chest that screams at you to ‘Jump Up And Down’! This is hard rocking out, innovative metal at its best, be prepared to hurt yourself when this one gets under your skin.  But first the intro, wow! Starts off gently guiding your imagination to some sweet sun filled Italian vineyard, then the skull is crushed like a grape when the hardcore riff takes over the senses. Clever turns, low ends and bass intertwining changes that is phonetic and poetic to say the least. There is no splitting of seams in this meaty monster with a no, nonsense tight as ship’s hull collaboration of fast and slow tempo changes.

Not only can these Italian Stallions rip up a venue with their outstandingly hard hitting blend of rock and metal styles, but they can also pull at the heart strings too. ‘Breathing Heart’ has strong compassionate vocals allowing Rusty to let loose the pangs of romance, in all power ballad beauty. Rusty implores, ‘Love Is not enough to save us’, and I get shivers before that 80’s sounding guitar backs him up in a perfect echoey compliment. This song is stunning and stuck in my head for days as I heard hints of ‘James Maynard Keenan’ coming through.

If they don’t come to a venue near me soon I shall probably have a panic attack or a complete melt down. This is the most exciting thing I’ve heard this year so far! Klogr have it in the bag, they’re a tight outfit that know what they have, who they are and where they are going.


Words by Brenda


EP Track Listing

Breaking Down

Make Your Stand

Breathing Heart