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‘We live to play live’! This is the motto from the sassy Swedish rock band, Kaross. I got the feeling that if you don’t enjoy listening to them play as much as they enjoy playing, they will kick your ass for sure, and after checking out a few of their live shows on YouTube, their motto is unquestionably – justified.  Their latest album ‘Two’ hasn’t strayed too far from the sound they created on ‘Molossus’ back in 2007 which received positive, critical acclaim. So if you are a fan of Kyuss, Black Label Society, Monster Magnet or Corrosion Of Conformity, this record will blow your mind.

After several setbacks concerning the band’s record label, the album ‘Two’ didn’t get the fair shot that it deserved to wow fans on a global scale, let alone see the light of day. In 2014 the guys finally won back the rights to their album and it will be re-released in February 2016 to a worldwide audience. Kaross have since released two singles from the album, ‘Borderline’ and ‘Two’, gathering momentum and praise; they will also be releasing a new album later on this year.

The murky depths to which this album stoops is awesome to say the least, it’s like crashing head long into stoner-rock heaven on one long trip. Great slugging riffs that send the stomach into swirls of pleasure, while being bombarded with the raw, mean vocals from Magnus Knutas. All ten songs on this record deserve to be played on repeat many times. However there were a couple of ‘in your face’ stand out tracks that really caught my attention, mainly because they out-and-out reminded me of my love for C.O.C in which they come dangerously close to over taking.

The album pounds on your ears from the first beats in ‘Burn Witch Burn’, very deep, chugging riffs with the vocals on a whole other plateau of their own, the contrast is bluddy awesome.

‘Borderline’, the new single, is a definite standout and was like being hit by a truck and crashing into space, and by that I mean, walloped hard by the sludge and then carried off in a gentle atmosphere. Still on a mellower and somewhat slow doomy path, ‘The Lake, The Beach’ has a stronger riff with harmonised vocals but a delicately soaring solo, totally relaxing.

‘The Evil’ has that deathly deep, and profound slow chugginess that begs full volume, I predict lots of head nodding with closed eye on this one. The same goes for ‘Two’ but on a much more intense scale.

‘I Call The Shots’ is very C.O.C and dealt with attitude; bass and guitars are heavy and powerful and this is definitely one song that I want to hear live, as the solo from Kalle Sjostrand is brilliantly delivered – with soul and passion. From here to the end of the album the guys seem to heat things up a few degrees. The album takes on a more defined, stronger and a much warmer feeling.  ‘All Cream Is Gone’ is a galloping, chunky, beast with a relenting riff that will stay in your head.

Another beauty of a track is the awesome ‘Hyde’, hitting us with a smooth, sexy bass-line that is totally owned by Patrik Olsson. This song just builds and builds and has a beautiful, deep, groovy vibe. Then we move into another stand out track and probably my favourite on the album, ‘Fawn’. I just love how Kaross know how to thump us with high powered chugging bass and hard drum beats, and pure stoner, metal rock. This song will, in my opinion cause you to fall in love with this album and hopefully this band, I just got so excited when I heard this track, as I can tell there is gonna be loads more where this came from.

Sadly the album comes to an end, but with tonnes of composure and gutsy attitude in ‘Dirty Beer’. One of these days I hope that Kaross put their money where their mouths are and play in a venue near me, because if this album is anything to go by, this is one gig I will definitely not be missing! So to the guys who, ‘LIVE TO PLAY LIVE’, good luck with the next album release and get a UK tour sorted!

Words By Brenda