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Illustr8ors – Self Titled – Debut EP

Illustr8ors – Self Titled – Debut EP

Hailing from Bristol, UK, new rock band Illustr8ors has just released their debut music video ‘Your Animal’, ahead of an extensive UK tour this September with Toseland and new self-titled EP, out 14th October 2016.

Previously known as hard rockers Black Wolf, they are back with even bigger dreams, bigger goals and what feels like a lethal injection of atomic fuel to create a new breed of rockers – voilà! Illustr8ors have been born! An identity was in crisis with this previous collaboration of souls, but not anymore, and so we have an offering thrust upon us that is practically polished to the point of almost too damn shiny. An EP of this standard is definitely setting the bar high. This is a highly charged, full throttle in beast mode record with a clearing felled to make way for a very successful future.

The gobsmacking ‘Swimming With Anchors’ opens proceedings and is such a fantastic song that I was smitten within seconds.  Lyrically telling us to have strength and have hope when you think that your chips are well and truly down. But there’s nothing down about this tune musically, very easy listening as vocal delivery from Scott Sharp is a velvet, passionate driven onslaught from beginning to end. Perfect for this band, but he also has a solid backing crew from the rhythm section, with an effortlessly gentle solo that shows off the crystal clear production.

‘Shush Shush’ opens up a can of all things courageous, being yourself no matter what anyone else has the audacity to think of you. But these guys not only have a message in their music which is very admirable, they also have great song writing skills, and the totally edible melodies and riffs just knock this record out of the ball park. Again it is the vocals that rise to the fore, as they are just so damn glorious and vigorous to say the least.

A commercial hit is definitely in the making with ‘Your Animal’. The polished production is just ridiculously obscene making it so easy to hear every note, every chug and every beat and causing a bit of a wriggling sofa dance (ahem). This is a rock-tastic song with chunky dirty riffs and a bounce along rhythm. Loved it!

Pulling up the reigns of this monster we end on ‘Something Biblical’.  After an epic intro all hell is broken loose, and it’s a bombardment of hard-hitting, skin-pummelling modern rock and roll, with a classic sounding solo and grinding bass, topped off with in your face vocals once again from Scott.

A well rounded four track EP – it is jammed with raunchy riffs, captivating choruses, heart-melting melodies and thought provoking lyrics. (yeah, couldn’t find another ‘L’ word to continue my dazzling alliterations).  The outstanding vocals from Scott Sharp nailed it for me as at times there’s a folksy feel which made it easy to just love his voice and his delivery. If this band had been searching for an identity, I can tell you now that they have certainly found it. But I have to say the energy from the entire band is pounding through like a battering ram on steroids, and the intentions are clear, they are out to conquer with an iron fist in the air for rock. An exceptional EP throughout making me excited to see what the next move will be from the Illustr8ors.







Words By Brenda