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‘Hero’ instantly took me back to ’85 (even though I wasn’t born yet!) to The Cult’s album ‘Love’ with its initial opening guitar lick by Chris Taylor reminding me of the track ‘Rain’. You can hear the band’s diverse musical influences almost straight away; jumping from blues rock melodies on one track, to classic rock, and then stirring the pot of stew with a bit of punk rock from Green Day on others like ’14 Days’ & ‘Gotta Get Away’, which is one of my personal favourites on this exquisite debut album.

What sounded like Dipster’s own rendition of the Jaws theme at the beginning of ‘You’re The One For Me’ is, in fact, one of the most alluring bass riffs I’ve ever clapped ears on. It’s all smoke and mirrors though, as they have you thinking it’s going to be another blues rock track, think again! Not with these three talented gentlemen. Apart from the grittiest yeah! I’ve heard in a while, which is enough to get anyone’s head banging, lead vocalist, Ian Dean really shows off his broad vocal range throughout this entire song. I envisioned the great Status Quo, but with a much sharper, razor edge.

The recurring percussion beat provided by Simon Bowley in the track ‘Gotta Get Away’ really gets your adrenaline up there behind the chuggy guitar lick looped over the top. This one will certainly leave your head sore if you listen to it loud enough, but the guys will soon soothe that with a cure of pitch perfect harmonies. About midway through the bass is laid off the drums slightly and you hear the high hat kick in with a beautiful pattern, and the essence of a heavily distorted, three note picking sequence in the background, which sets the mood completely for what’s about to come next.

Now as you’ve probably heard from the rest of the tracks the band are definitely not shy about throwing guitar solos in there. This track is no exception! By far my favourite solo in the entire album, if not one of my favourite guitar solos of all time. There is also a fantastic solo featured in ‘Give Me One More Chance’ which completely blew my mind and set it down on another planet!

Headline Maniac could probably pull just about anything off, but they are one of the greats when it comes to upbeat, high tempo rockers. You’ll notice their energy straight from the start of their album with ‘Idiot Me’ – which once again hints of a Green Day bleed through.

This band erupts with so much talent and soul which you can hear in every meaningful lyric sung, and every beat or note played. They may be well seasoned veterans but, it’s never easy coming back around again for a second time once you’ve already struck the big time. Give it up for this energetic, experience fueled trio who deserve every bit of appraisal that comes their way!


Words by Tomm



Idiot Me

Give Me One More Chance



14 Days

Someone Like You


Don’t Stop Doing What You’re Doing

You’re The One For Me

I Want All Your Love

Gotta Get Away