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The Devil Inside’ has been let loose in Devon England, and bringing with it the roar of melodic, hard rockers Empire Of Fools, with their new stamp of ballsy, bluesy, good old fashioned rock n roll.

They are a 3-piece outfit composed of Mark Pascall on lead vocals, guitar and bass, Steve Cobbin on guitar and Dean Stevens on drums.

Following on from the great success of their first released single, ‘ Devil Inside’, with the same devilish title as the album, they gained tremendous accolade from ‘Classic Rock Magazine’, ‘BBC Introducing’ and ‘Fireworks Magazine’.

The title track is vocally first-class – WOW!!  I was massively impressed by it and found myself singing along, word for word, at the top of my voice within the initial few listens to it, and listening to it again, again and AGAIN.  It’s so catchy, what an awesomely infectious song this is.  And not just on this track, for the whole album I was bellowing every lyric and giving our neighbours a serenade of proper old school rock.

The clean vocals on this track from Mark Pascall are exceptional.  They soar in such a melodic way, that I was blown away.  I love this feeling, the excited passion you feel in your heart when you just know an artist or band is in the possession of a delicious recipe for producing excellent music, and are going to be something truly special.  The ‘Devil Inside’ is a track so full to the brim of tasty treats, striking hooks and riffs on top of a powerful rhythm.  This is a personal favourite of mine on this album.

Second track ‘Higher’ is ballsy, all out rock with a somewhat alternative metal deviance to it, reminiscent of Audioslave.  And like Audioslave they are fusing classic, hard-riffing rock with more contemporary alternative material.  ‘Higher’ is a lot more hard-line than the previous track, ‘Down To Earth’, with its oozing metal qualities and infectious, pulse pounding, groove.

‘Unstoppable’, the final track on the album starts off in a suggestive Foo Fighters sound with its unusual and angular chords.  It starts slow and meditative then gradually building to a huge foot stomping force as it intensifies into a euphoric, yet changeable melodic progression.

I was immediately and excitedly impressed with this album, with its infectious vocals, extremely catchy choruses and Audioslave and Stone Temple Pilots driven hooks and riffs.

Mark, Steve and Dean have settled themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and have shaped a reputation for their energetic and powerful performances.  I for one really look forward to seeing these guys play live, I hope, in the very near future and will be front and centre giving my voice a good battering.

I loved this album instantly.

This is a strong, solid rock album for 2015 and a band with so much more to come.

Words by Adele


Track Listing

  1. 1.     Down To Earth
  2. 2.     Higher
  3. 3.     Devil Inside
  4. 4.     Dirty Mind
  5. 5.     Hope
  6. 6.     Unstoppable