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Now I’m not one for indie-rock, but I know how popular and competitive of a genre it is in this modern day, and these guys are certainly strong contenders for the top spot amongst giants such as Kings of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Arctic Monkeys & The Libertines just to mention a few.

The first two songs ‘All My Days’ and ‘Whiskey Bar’ are real feel good summer anthems which have a great fuzzy vibe to them and make you want to explode with rainbows and sunshine! Lead vocals from Marc Burford and harmonies from the rest of the guys are chirpy, which instantly have you screaming along to the choruses and verses in most tracks.

At first I thought ‘Friend Like Me’ was going to be a bit more of a downbeat tune, I soon realised it was yet another fast paced, lively belter. With what sounds like tinges of an Allman Brothers guitar lick in the first 10 seconds, is soon transformed into its own unique blend of indie-rock (Thankfully! No offence to the Allman Brothers or the fans out there). At least the band, all have friends like each other, the song should have been titled, as they’ve done a really fantastic job. They’ve stuck it out and been there for each other to make a massively diverse and different sounding album to what’s currently on the market.

A noticeable mention which I just couldn’t leave out had to be ‘Grams’ as they made great use of other classical instruments such as trumpets, using them to their full advantage, which was the perfect combination with the song lyrics. You certainly won’t be feeling down anytime soon when you listen to these chaps.

The intricate picking pattern of the acoustic guitar at the intro of ‘Little White Lies’ accompanied by the dry, gripping lead vocals really left me speechless for a moment. What a beautiful little melody this is, with such passionate lyrics that are on fire with realism. The harmonious clapping from the rest of the band in the background sets the mood of this song also so be warned, you may need to take a seat for this one!

Just as you start to think that Echotape are the kings of upbeat summer tunes that will have you on somebodies shoulders making an idiot of yourself, you’ll begin to notice in the later tracks such as ‘We’ve Been Dreaming’ and ‘Soul’ their broad and talented horizons reach far, constantly switching up the tempo of their songs, which is a difficult transition, but these gentlemen certainly pull it off smoothly with ease! Beginning with mellow vocals empowering the majority of the song, and highlights of drums, guitar and bass in the vicinity that can drastically change in an instant into a typically high tempo – jump around Echotape style of indie-rock. It’s safe to say they’re the Bugatti Veyron of this genre!

Ending their album with ‘Wicked Way’ which once again is similar to ‘Grams’ and uses a variety of instruments including a harmonica, to set the scene and take you away from the comfort of your own home with your headphones on to another dimension, where you can almost visualize everything you hear. It’s time for the likes of Mumford & Sons to take a back seat and let Echotape take the wheel, as they’re driving the genre on an exciting journey to a new destination.


Words by Tomm



All My Days

Whiskey Bar

Friend Like Me


I Got You

We’ve Been Dreaming

See You Soon

Little White Lies



Wicked Way