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Die No More – EP Review – Destruction Complete

Die No More – EP Review – Destruction Complete


The third offering from young Cumbrian thrashers ‘Die No More’ is the self-released EP ‘Destruction Complete’ which will be available on 9th September. This is the sort of EP that will have you rolling over with all four legs in the air. That’s a promise.

This feisty four-some is the wrecking ball of current UK thrash that is waving a very auspicious flag in the air, as far as the future is concerned. Comparisons to Metallica and Megadeth are inevitable, especially the vocals from Marc Farquar, which are brilliant and intense, but this isn’t a gripe – in fact I applaud the sheer audacity to link their sound with the giants by shredding leaves from their books and who are obviously their heroes. Everything about their delivery and technique is tighter than sealed lips. It’s either a thrash with them or get out of the way kind of attitude and that’s because they can put it out there.

Opening track ‘Save Yourself’ glides in on a gentle intro and then unleashes a riff that lands on you like a tonne of molten lava. Powerful, gutsy and a heavy composition from the lads, it literally feels like they have a very firm pedal to the metal. The chorus has a nice breakdown giving you a chance to catch your breath with hypnotic harmonies and a catchy solo with hints of the ‘big four’ lingering overhead. If you are a Metallica, Megadeth or Anthrax fan, you’ll be adding Die No More to your list of – must listen to now bands.

Miragelunges from the clutches of a muscle-bound solo and a battering ram of bass and drums; when the chugging takes off, it is glorious. This will be mosh pit mayhem at the very least when played in the live arena where these boys really thrive and know how to supply a hungry crowd with the goods.

The production on this EP has to get a mention as the monstrous riffs are sharp, strong and flawless like in ‘The Enemy within’ (my standout track) – this song is just straight up whip lash thrash. The dreamy tones of the guitars make it easy to love this record no matter how hard you want to bang your head and destroy everything in sight.

I don’t like to use profanities in my reviews – usually but, upon first listen to ‘Destruction Complete’ the title track on the EP, a very loud and spontaneous ‘Fuck’ just burst out of my very angelic (looking) face!  The colossal sound with immense quality booming back at me was packed with sophistication and an authentic vibe that is fresh yet and so familiar.

‘Destruction Complete’ has all the elements of an outstanding EP, great production with memorable riffs and strong writing skills, which is also very melodic with a commercial feel. This is a band that clearly won’t be bullied or conform as they have the skill set which will guarantee success.



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Words By Brenda