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Try and stay focused now, if that’s at all possible. You are about to witness pure talent that has been created from deep within these five men’s souls. This album is the influential kind of music that could easily have you hooked in seconds.

Releasing their first album of new material in eight years people may question whether it’s still the same old Diamond Head we know and love? Fret not and let me reassure you, they’re pretty much exactly the same! Sorry, that’s unfair to say, they came back bigger and better than ever, accompanied by a new friend and lead vocalist Rasmus Bom Andersen. No, he isn’t related to James Hetfield of Metallica as much as they sound very similar. You can definitely see where his influence comes from, but I think even James could learn a thing or two from this young pup. The band has taken a huge step forward with the help of Ras’s piercing and ear defying vocals.

The first two tracks ‘Bones’ and ‘Shout At The Devil’ stick to traditional heavy metal, Diamond Head style, with their heavy percussion and heavily distorted, unforgettable guitar licks. Heavy metal bands don’t just make noise, well most do but that’s not the point! Let’s be thankful that this heavy metal band makes great, loud noise and implements honest and catchy lyrics straight from the heart. Like myself I hope most listeners can relate to this album and identify the songs with the current affairs in our ever so descending world. Thank god we’ve got these guys to keep us sane though, right?

‘Set My Soul On Fire’ being just one of my favourite tracks of this album with it’s chuggy intro you can just feel the pressure building and building awaiting for the guys to explode in the chorus. Best part is that, that’s not where the main explosion takes place. Keep on listening towards the end of the song and just when you think it’s all over. BANG! Every single member decides to let the world know of their existence all at once and boy, the message I received was “We’re here and we’re here to make great songs and tear shit up!” thank you Brian Tatler and Andy Abberley for the insane guitars on this track.

Don’t worry they’re not going all mellow on us just yet with the acoustic guitar on ‘See You Rise’ or ‘All The Reason You Live’ during the intro and all I can say is brace yourselves, because they soon establish once again they’re one of the loudest heavy metal bands around.

Going all bluesy with the strong bass riff in ‘Our Time Is Now’ is perfect and it’s Eddie Moohan’s time! Not forgetting Karl Wilcox’s amazing drumming skills, and not just on this track; showing off his diversity but on the rest of the album also. This tune completely changed my perception for a brief moment and then did a u-turn getting back on track with brutal heavy riffs that just wallop you hard.

The last four songs on the record for me should all have been cast into high octane, action packed films with intense chase scenes as these tracks would have been perfect. Heading into overdrive with ‘Speed’, ‘Blood On My Hands’, ‘Diamonds’ & finally ‘Silence’ will leave you upset that this album has come to a close but will definitely leave you begging for more!

Some clear influences from the likes of legendary heavy metal bands, Metallica, Megadeth and in my personal opinion I hear a bit of Angel Witch sneaks in from time to time. Thankfully this talented, seasoned band can add touring with many famous bands such as Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Europe and even opening for Metallica on many occasions to their CV’s. Personally I couldn’t think of anything better to add to my previous job list. If I was an employer “You’re hired!’ would be the first sentence to leave my mouth to this band, forget Lord Alan Sugar.

For me the band radiates aggression on this album, but not in a threatening way. In a caring and sentimental way as they have had enough of watching our dramatically changing world, crumble around them. Especially knowing there’s not a lot a heavy metal band from Stourbridge, England can do to save it. If only modern day, non-fictional super heroes existed in the form of musicians who wielded their instruments in the face of adversary. The heart and passion is not just in the lyrics if you listen closely but in their style of playing.

I close this on a short but sweet note, this is how good this band are if an icon such as Lars Ulrich can come out with this statement after performing with Diamond Head’s very own Brian Tatler and I quote: “If it wasn’t for Brian Tatler there’s a pretty good fucking chance none of us would be here tonight. Would you give it up for Brian Tatler one more time?”. Just let that sink in whilst you listen to this fantastic album.

Words by Tomm