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Death Blooms – Self Titled Debut EP – Review

Death Blooms – Self Titled Debut EP – Review

The Death Blooms have unleashed a brutal and majestic, short sharp shock of a 4 track EP with this self-titled debut. Kicking off with the immensely haunting ‘Hate:Die’ it is hard hitting from the off. Thrashing guitars and all-powerful vocals the production is first class so it’s a feast for the ears and senses. Violent at times before its melodic and haunting chorus breaks the intensity, but that’s short lived and you’re thrown back in, full force to this gargantuan riff ripping opener.




Vocalist Paul Barrow sets a mighty high bar and he doesn’t disappoint with the remainder.  Paul explains, “Lyrically, the EP has ended up on the darker side of things. It wasn’t done intentionally, but it’s how it came out. I think without realizing it, we produced a lot of honest songs. I think that’s stemmed from the frustrations we’ve all had in the past; mainly from forgetting to do the things that we’re happiest doing. The songs undoubtedly deal with the struggle of mental health, but I think they also tackle the subject of contentedness, or lack of, in every day life. This is probably the most clear in ‘Last Ones’, which is basically about knowing who you need to stick with and realizing that it’s you against the world.”

‘Last Ones’ is at times a little more harmonious and dare I say it the most commercial sounding of the 4 tracks, but I doubt any radio station has the balls to play it!  Frantic, melodic and heavy you’re getting it all in this catchy little beauty.  ‘I’m Dead’ returns the status quo, manic and hefty in sound with behemoth guitars and intense vocals it has you feeling every thump of its addictive groove.

The EP’s finale all comes too soon with ‘Sick’ a huge sounding anthem with the guys encompassing all that they are in 3-minute masterpiece. Colossal sounding guitars, equally gigantic vocals and an all round powerhouse display by the guys behind it wraps up a staggering debut EP from this fine British quartet. Recorded at Red City Recordings, Manchester by producer and mix engineer David Radahd-Jones, this finished product is just a beautifully polished, intense and hard-hitting shock to the system that leaves you gagging for more.

The Death Blooms Self Titled Debut EP is out May 12th and this one is a must have.

Pre-order Death Blooms ep on iTunes now and receive ‘I’m Dead’ instantly.

EP tracklist:
1) Hate:Die
2) Last Ones
3) I’m Dead
4) Sick


Paul Barrow – Vocals
Ad Lucas – Guitar
Ben Grimsley – Bass
Mel Stewart – Drums