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Crobot – Welcome To The Fat City – Album Review

Crobot – Welcome To The Fat City – Album Review

Following the release of 2014’s ‘Something Supernatural’, CROBOT tore up the road back on earth. They shared bills with the likes of the legendary MOTÖRHEAD, ANTHRAX, VOLBEAT, CLUTCH, THE SWORD, and more in addition to performing at festivals such as ‘Download’, ‘Motörhead’s MotörBoat’, ‘Rock On The Range’ and lots more. And they’re back! This time though they’ve plunged themselves into outer space with new album ‘Welcome To Fat City’ cooking up a filthy cauldron of swaggering blues, dirty riffy rock and a strangely sexy funked up twinkle from under an ominous-eyebrow sound. Excited yet? Vocalist Brandon Yeagley goes on to explain the inspiration for the new record like this;

“As far as the story goes, I thought it might be cool to write about a planet called ‘Fat City”.  “It’s a place where all of the sleazeballs of the galaxy can go and be themselves without any regard for morals or anybody else’s well-being. On the last record, a lot of the themes were supernatural and took place on earth. This one goes intergalactic.”

CROBOT then emerged from the studio with ‘Welcome To Fat City’. Following recording, they turned to Alan Moulder (FOO FIGHTERS, ROYAL BLOOD, NINE INCH NAILS) for mixing, which explains the enormity and the brashness of the sound, and so the opening and title track now shuffles between a big drum beat, wah-ed out guitar lick, and howling vocal delivery. With a start as you mean to go on attitude, “That set the tone, and it established the spectrum for what would become ‘Welcome To Fat City,” admits Brandon. “It’s heavier. It’s funkier. It’s bluesier. There are so many grooves and big moments. We’re maturing as songwriters and looking at things from a new perspective.”

Having gained knowledge through the tremendous amount of experience they’ve now chalked up, Crobot ultimately created a record that suited their style as more of a dangerous and untameable beast in the live arena, learning what worked from the stage and what didn’t. This is where they have tweaked and honed their talents to suit the fast growing myriad of fans.

The first single from the album, ‘Not For Sale’ is an energetic act of aggression delivering the message that you must stand up for yourself. From telling it like it is to philosophising in ‘Hold On For Dear Life’ (until I get it right) has an unforgettable hook, laden with groove as the guitars scream over-head. The album ends on a thunder of crushing riffs from ‘Plague Of Mammoths’ which apparently was penned after a chat on how the mammoth became extinct, these boys will never cease to amaze me (cheeky smirk).

‘Welcome To Fat City’ hits hard from one end of the rock spectrum to the other leaving no corner unexplored. This is an absolute killer of a record that doesn’t let up for a second and certainly will not disappoint hard rock fans.

A nice quote to finish on comes from guitarist Bishop: “When I discover a band I really like, I get inspired to play guitar or write something”. “I hope people feel the same way when they hear us.”




Welcome To Fat City

Play It Cool

Easy Money

Not For Sale

Hold On For Dear Life

Temple In The Sky

Right Between The Eyes

Blood On The Snow

Steal The Show

Moment Of Truth

Plague Of The Mammoth

Words By Brenda