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Courtesans EP Review – ‘ Better Safe Than Sober ‘

Courtesans EP Review – ‘ Better Safe Than Sober ‘

The Courtesans are back with their stunning follow up EP, Better Safe Than Sober. Dovetailing the acclaimed debut album 1917, the girls have returned with a short, sharp shock majestically encapsulated in 5 blistering tracks. Right from the off there is no holding back, with the haunting ‘ Mesmerise ‘ the no holes barred quartet launch into a powerful hypnotic tour de force and it continues right through, leaving you gasping for more.


‘ Feel The Same ‘ follows, luring you into a false sense of security with its timid opening lines, right before a wall of distortion and an enigmatic chorus. No one trick pony, these girls show they have layers and colours to add to their compelling collection of tracks, taking you on a rhythmic journey across 5 unsullied and flawless anthems. ‘ John Doe’Challenges the senses once again, hauntingly beautiful it draws you in with its charming vocal opening, then when the rhythm kicks in you know you’re in trouble. You’re drowning in this song, enveloped in its melodies and multi faceted overlays you simply have to surrender.


‘ Knowhere ‘ with its rhythmic and pulsating undertow rings in the EP’s penultimate track, dirty and teasing, further highlighting this quartets ability to diversify and challenge their listener with a strong finish, Enigmatic and alluring throughout this EP deserves to cranked up LOUD ! ‘ The Tide ‘ brings a close to proceedings, with a huge crescendo of a song leaving you gasping for air, gasping for more, 5 tracks just wasn’t enough.


The Courtesans have more than delivered on ‘ Better Safe Than Sober ‘, a ceremonious return with a powerhouse collection of tracks. Perfectly packaged and produced due for release 31/03/2017, This is definitely one to check out.


Track Listing

1)    Mesmerise

2)    Feel The Same

3)    John Doe

4)    Knowhere

5)    The Tide