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CORRECTIONS HOUSE – ‘Know How To Carry A Whip’ Review

CORRECTIONS HOUSE – ‘Know How To Carry A Whip’ Review

‘Know How To Carry a Whip’ is the follow up to the 2013 debut album, ‘last City Zero’ from Corrections House, which was highly acclaimed by both press and fans. This indomitable collective of musicians consisting of ‘Mike IX Williams’ (Eyehategod), ‘Sandford Parker’ (Minsk), ‘Scott Kelly’ (Nuerosis) and ‘Bruce Lamont’ (yakuza) have once again delivered an atmospherically hypnotic and uncompromising album of extreme metal. This latest offering is never gonna sit comfortably on the same shelf as your Metallica, Motley Crue, Trivium or any other genre that you are currently into. This album deserves a shelf all of its own, preferably stored in a dark and damned corner, as you certainly don’t want the doom and despair spreading throughout your collection.

This is 45 minutes of apocalyptic, industrial influenced metal and punk isn’t for the fun loving types or the faint hearted. I was truly mentally exhausted at the end of the first listen. This album is bleak and grey, but has a strange magnetism that immediately forced me to replay it.

However it isn’t as much about the future as is about the present, ‘painting electronic mosaics of deviance and decadence – with brushes made from bristles of the damned’. (I wish I knew who said that).

‘Crossing My One Good Finger’ opens the whole experience, revealing an unsettling sentiment of danger and paranoia with an industrial percussion seething away in the foreground; that indulges in an underlying tone of bleakness and despair as Mike IX screeches in anguish.

‘Superglued Tooth’ is dense, deep and dark with Mike IX sounding like a preacher. Droning electric guitars are surrounded by electric pulsing static, creating a fuzzy distorted sound of danger and confinement.

‘White Man’s Gonna Lose’ is my stand out track which is more melodic and rhythmic, and for new comers to Corrections House, more accessible. This track has a very atmospheric sound that could make any science fiction movie worth watching just for the soundtrack alone.

‘Hopeless Moronic’ – as this album progresses, as weird and different as it will feel on first listen, you will learn to appreciate the deep grooves and vibes, escorted with an unholy deviance that will captivate you as this track does.

When you add bleakness and decay together, the results will feel devastating as is conjured up and delivered in ‘Visions Divide’ which dominates the senses with a feeling of helplessness but delivers a breather, allowing your senses to relax to the saxophone instrumental.

‘The Hell Of Cost’ is electrically charged with a fusion of distorted guitars and static, a sense of anger and devastation comes out of the confusion of noise which can be exhausting and a release at the same time. I will point out right here and now, that this album will take at least 3 to 4 listens before your skin will stop creeping, and you understand just what is actually taking place. It’s actually sheer genius, forcing you to step out of the comfort zone of metal genres that you have snuggled into, like there is nothing else beyond what is acceptable.

‘Scott Kelly’ had this to say about the album, “This music is simultaneously suffocating and freeing, but also has the energy of a whirling Dervish”.  This description is perfect when you listen to ‘When Push Comes To Shank’ which absolutely epitomises the feelings and expressions unleashed throughout the whole album, as does ‘I Was Never Good at Meth’.

‘Burn The Witness’ ends the album in a rhythmic vastness of doom and imposing vibrancy; again with a tribal synth and hypnotism, drawing you into the cacophony of sounds that you just can pin point or pin down into the norm.

If I had been handed this album a few years ago, I may have said, “What the hell is this?” But having an open mind, working as a music journalist these days, has definitely widened my horizons beyond recognition, even to me. So take a fools advice as my old Granny used to say, and relax, put your headphones on, and let Corrections House take you on a journey of discovery. I did. And I don’t regret it.

Words By Brenda

Track Listing

Crossing My One Good Finger

Super Glued Tooth

White Man’s Gonna Lose

Hopeless Moronic

Visions Divide

The Hell Of Cost

When Push Comes To Shank

I Was Never Good At Meth

Burn The Witness