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Brilliant London based newcomers CAIRO SON are back in 2016 with the fantastic new album ‘Storm Clouds’ – steeped in grunge and stoner-rock with a healthy dose of blues thrown generously into the mix. This culturally diverse blending of three musically and lyrically talented young men, aka Magdy (vocal and guitar) Rico (Bass) and Dave (formerly of Laid8 on drums) have produced a sound that echoes some of my favourite bands (Sound Garden, Alice In Chains and even a touch of C.O.C) but in an exquisitely unique and refreshing style. This second helping is the follow up to the highly acclaimed ‘Heart Against The Feather’ that they debuted in 2012.

‘Lost In The Shaddow’ has a gentle caressing rhythm with an incredibly catchy riff, and immediately, I loved this album. I was forced to close my eyes and absorb every sound blasting through my earphones, two minutes in and I had to take my earphones off, turn up the volume, just to fill the room; this was a fantastic choice of opening track. Production is always the first thing that gets my attention and this is exactly what this track did, as every instrument pounded through my skull the way it should, crunching and intensely powerful, and believe me, production is very important to me when I first listen to an album. The sultry and sensual vocals from Magdy just added to the magic and once again I’ve got to mention that ‘riff’, oh hell, I just loved it – bring on the next the track.

‘Lion In A Cage’ is the first single released from ‘Storm Clouds’ and has already received rave reviews, here’s why. This track kicks in with a wonderful solo punchy, drum beat from Dave, and is joined by a deep chugging bass and guitar that builds impressively through thought provoking lyrics. I actually don’t know why I haven’t heard of this band until now, but better late than never I suppose, because when I just sat and chilled to this song, it was absolutely clear why CAIRO SON are causing quite a stir. These three guys have passion and talent which is a deadly and serious mixture of all the right ingredients for success.

The first video released – ‘Devil’s Tongue’ is song writing talent at its best and the stupendous ‘Sound Garden’ tone is an example of the blistering guitar work by vocalist, Magdy. I just can’t get enough of this one with the grindy chugginess from the bass by Rico along with the harmonised vocals – the video shows just what a fantastic tight and imaginative outfit these guys are.

‘My Brain’ is my first stand out track as this is the song that confirmed me a ‘fan’. God dam I can’t wait for whoever is reading this right now to go listen to this song and hear what I am about to spew off. From the very first tight chug on the catchiest riff I’ve heard in such a long time, I was imprisoned by the sheer intensity and beauty of this song. Magdy has a wonderful emotional sound to his voice with little cracks and delicate tones of sorrow. Drum, bass and guitar flood everyone of the senses, effortlessly provoking sentiment, what a clever song? The ending has dusky tumbleweed, back to the roots of rock ‘n’ roll feeling about it that transported me way out west somewhere, and clever breakdowns just made me wish I could eat the damn song, is was that good.

‘Give Me Strength’ is another major stand out track that I reckon I’ve had on repeat more than is healthy to with such an epic sound – a magnetic winding guitar riff that sticks to your brain, then it deepens in that truly brilliant CAIRO SON fashion that gels with your heart beat, all this and then topped off with a very Chris Cornell sounding vocal.  There’s a beautiful DEFTONES ‘esque’ bridge in the middle right before Magdy sings over and over, “haunted by the ghost of you”, it will stay in your head for days and you will find yourself humming this uncontrollably, I promise.

Title track ‘Storm Clouds’ closes this masterpiece and pulls in at a whopping 10 minutes and 44 seconds. This superb song is laden with groove and sludgy heaviness, reminiscent of Corrosion Of Conformity in the opening bars, and so I was launched straight into relax mode instantly. The heavily emotional and brooding vocals are encapsulating. ‘Storm Clouds’ is a spellbinding song with a memorizing riff and is lyrically entrancing. How someone could possibly listen to this album and not feel it would be unimaginable.

Maybe someday I’ll have the privilege of seeing CAIRO SON perform these astounding songs live. In the meantime though, ‘Storm Clouds’ will be placed at the top of my playlist as I’ve formed a deep and profound attachment to it. No kidding! If there is one criticism for this album, (and I tried very hard to find at least one) it’s only that I wish there had been more than 6 tracks to listen to, although I shouldn’t really complain as the album does clock in at a good 40 minutes plus which is pretty standard these days.

‘Storm Clouds’ is a journey of epic heart warming tunes that will grind into the core of your soul. Do yourselves a favour and heed my mere waffling, and go check it out for yourselves. What an album, thank you CAIRO SON.

Words By Brenda