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So for those who may be unfamiliar with Another Lost Year 2016 will see the North Carolina quartet release their eagerly awaited follow up to ‘Better Days’. ALY is a hardworking, pavement pounding, rock band from Charlotte, and this might just be their year. Formed in 2011- ALY are Clinton Cunanan, Adam Hall, Nathan Walker and Jorge Sotomarino; highly regarded for their live shows and graft, covering mile after mile from coast to coast across the US plying their trade.  
Their latest incarnation ‘Alien Architect’ brings out the best of the boys, from months of endless gigging and powerful live performances, they’ve now laid it all down on digital for a broader audience to appreciate. The albums opening track ‘Wolves’ is a powerhouse of a song, and definitely the stand out track of the album, with its pounding bass line and hard hitting riff and vocals it falls between the likes of Disturbed and Muse for intensity. It is a perfectly delivered tune with gritty vocals and a thumping riff. Bastard Sons’ follows again ripping home the boys intent on this album with another heavy hitting and melodic track, and shows the boys musical prowess and hours spent together on the road.
‘Trigger Finger’ and ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ show the guys diversity from rock anthem to power ballad and beyond, You will get a taste of styles from the likes of  Nickleback/Disturbed on this album with big hitting riffs and high quality musicianship. ‘Run The Tank Out’ and ‘This Is Life’ reiterate the guys message delivered with intensity before ‘We All Die Alone’, ‘On and On’ and ‘Holding On/ Letting Goclose the album off with great finesse.
What you get with ALY is a strong package indeed.  Hard hitting and great delivery but for sure ‘Wolves’ is the stand out track on the album and it almost lures you into a false sense of security with its powerhouse vocal delivery, however the massive sound leaves you feeling a little short changed across the rest of the album. The vocals don’t quite hit the same gritty intensity and the riffs just fall short, but that shouldn’t detract from what these guys are doing. ‘Alien Architect brings ALY a step further forward to their goal and will no doubt gain them respect and a newer broader audience. ALY might not yet be the finished article but they certainly are one to watch for the future.
 ‘Alien Architect’ Out on June 10th via Mirage M’hal Records/EMP/eOne and the guys once again will be touring the US from end to end, so if you’re lucky enough to be local catch the lads at their best, live and unleashed, Enjoy.
Words By Mark


Track listing:



Bastard Sons

Trigger Finger

Best Is Yet To Come

Run The Tank Out

This Is Life ft Jose Urquiza

He Took Beautiful Away


We All Die Alone

On And On

Holding On/Letting Go