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The ‘Order of Things’ is the seventh studio album by All That Remains, released on February 24, 2015 through Razor & Tie Records.

All That Remains have faced up to their critics head on over the years and have dealt with the criticism in equal fervor to the success.  In this latest contribution from the metal core riot squad, ‘The Order of Things’, Josh Wilbur of Lamb of God, Hatebreed and Goijora has been drafted in to produce what I can only describe as yet another test of faith of their devoted fan base. However In this multifaceted album the direction changes are evident the whole way through, mixing new and almost experimental, as well as the tried and tested style that catapulted them onto higher ground in the first place.

The beguiling vocals of Phil Labonte, accompanied by crushing riffs, guitar harmonies and explosive double bass patterns, really does make this latest release an indulgence worth adding to any CD collection. The opening track ‘This Probably Won’t End Well’ starts off with a brooding piano piece which quickly up tempos, almost feeling the machine gun like double bass of Jason Costa is about to explode your ear drums.

The second song on the album, ‘No Knock’, is a no nonsense thriller delivered with vicious intent, scorching, demon like vocals raise the blood pressure with the menacing tone of slippery guitar adding atmosphere.

We hear a young pop rock sound in ‘Divide’ and ‘The Great Generation’ that  almost makes me wish I was 20 years younger again with their happy go lucky party feel and chunky classic high energy riffage worthy of any teen flick.

‘For You’ lightens the mood and distracts us from the fact that we are still listening to All That Remains. Acoustically driven, it brings on a mellow flow that is easy listening and a delicate sing along as Labonte conveys passion and warmth leaving you feeling rescued. A far cry from the growling and screaming of ‘Tru Kult-Metal’ and the thunderous, edgy, down-right violent and true to form ‘Criticism and Realization with neck snapping breaks and hooks.
However you personally wish to deal with ‘The Order of Things’ and it’s collaboration of styles and hardcore, adventurous producers such as Wilbur, along with Adam Dustkiewicz  of Kill Switch Engage who dealt with these guys 4 times previously, will ensure their survival at the top. So after listening to this latest record I feel that they aren’t going anywhere else anytime soon, at least  not without kicking, screaming, or growling. They continue to evolve and evoke reactions like no other band and stick to their guns because that is what they want, no matter what anyone else has to say about it, you just got to respect a band that does how they feel with no remorse or regret. I know I do.

Words by Brenda


Track Listing

This Probably Won’t End Well

No Knock


The Greatest Generation

For You

A reason For Me To Fight

Victory Lap


Bite My Tongue

Fiat Empire