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Making you feel ‘Alive’ – instantly with their first song, 20 Cent Dreams throw their listeners straight into the heart of the pit with this fast tempo rocker. You may ask yourself, am I listening to Gustav Wood, lead singer of Young Guns? No! You’re listening to his successor and much more talented Sam Threadgold; with his broad vocal range, seduction is inevitable and you’ll find it hard to pull yourself away. Great harmonies from the guys in this first track which you can’t help but sing along with, and the lyrics will stick in your head. The mesmerizing blend of bass from Joseph McCarthy and drums by Liam Hornsby complete this track perfectly.

Raising the ‘White Flags’ in their next song, but not surrendering just yet, they notch the tempo down ever so slightly with an intricate yet steady beat accompanied by slick guitar riffs. After listening to only the first two tracks their harmonies still don’t fail to amaze and is definitely one of the band’s many key features. Heading towards the end of the song the solo summarises the talents of these guys and a superb guitar lick which is unforgettable and for me highlights the essence of this song.

Curveball! Showing off their vast horizon of skills you may think you were listening to another band at the start of their third track ‘Beyond Reason’. With its bluesy bass and percussion – but don’t worry! The blues isn’t going anywhere just yet, as it sticks around for the remainder of the song. The lead vocals on this track are very crisp, pure and really addictive, you will definitely want some more. Brace yourselves though, incoming awesome guitar solo! These guys aren’t finished impressing us just yet with a fantastic shredding solo that will have you in a state of awe right to the end. It was definitely hard to choose a standout track from a 5 song EP as these young talented musicians have obviously put their heart and soul into it but, this was my favourite song.

Following in the footsteps of their opening track, ‘Motion’ ups the tempo once again to get you up on your feet singing and rocking along. This track surprised me with its interesting combination of guitar, bass and drums dead centre of the track. Yet it didn’t disappoint at all! An abrupt, but different approach fades out at the end of this song, with an angelic melody.

These lads now showcase their song writing diversity with their last song, ‘Hurricane’; a beautiful, intricate picking sequence opens this song which you could easily close your eyes and drift off to – it really is that peaceful. You can certainly hear the passion in Sam’s voice and also in the amazing style in which Joseph and Liam play. Don’t grab another box of tissues just yet! This song isn’t all low-tempo and as slow all the way through as you may think. Blowing open the doors once again with a great combination of all the lads skills to finish their fifth and final song from this stunning and enjoyable EP, ‘Generations’.

All in all this is a fantastic EP which is definitely worth a listen if you’re a You Me At Six, Young Guns or Don Broco fan. Even if you’re not, listen to this talented young group as they have got a lot of potential and are certainly going places. Watch this space.

Words By Tomm